Canadian Institute of Management — Professional Manager Designation for CGAs
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Canadian Institute of Management — Professional Manager Designation for CGAs 


About the Canadian Institute of Management

The Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) is Canada’s senior management association. Founded in 1942, it operates through a national office and 17 branches across Canada. The CIM has a long history of servicing managers and aspiring managers within Canadian industry, and has provided professional development and certification to over 60,000 managers. The Institute grants several well-recognized professional and academic qualifications.

P.Mgr. — The Professional Manager Designation

The need for a meaningful professional standard for persons managing the services and resources of our economy was recognized early in the CIM’s history, and led to informal discussion among business, government, and academic leaders. During the late 1950s these discussions developed into inter-disciplinary studies, culminating in 1967 in an official report recommending the establishment of a “Professional Manager” title and “P.Mgr.” designation.

The Professional Manager denotes an academic and practical Canadian experience background which will permit businesses to look at the holders of this designation with confidence as to their management skills. The P.Mgr. designation provides, for the first time in the management profession, the clear identification of individuals who meet an established set of criteria reflecting high standards of professional integrity, ethics, work performance, and recognition.

The Path to P.Mgr. for CGAs

Recognizing that many CGAs are involved in management, the Canadian Institute of Management has assessed the qualification process, both academic and professional, taking into consideration former and current requirements, and has developed the following professional development pathway for CGAs to obtain a designation from the CIM:

A Certified General Accountant (CGA) in good standing, registered with one of the provincial CGA associations, and holding five years of recognized managerial experience, is qualified to obtain the designation of Professional Manager (P.Mgr.)

All CGA applicants for the P.Mgr. designation will need to comply with the standard application process and requirements as outlined on the CIM website, with the exception of obtaining transcripts from their academic institution. Proof of academic qualification can be achieved by a sending a copy of a current CGA registration card to the CIM National Office, which will be verified with the respective provincial CGA association.

How do I apply?


Or contact the CIM National Office:


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