Essential Tax Resources
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Essential Tax Resources 

Federal and Provincial Budgets
Official budget information for the federal government and every province and territory.
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Links to helpful information on the CRA website, including tax information for businesses, individuals, and tax professionals.
Tax Tools
Tax tips, tax calculators, and helpful tax resources from across the web.
  • This site is operated by a husband and wife team of retired entrepreneurs, including a CGA. It provides a variety of tax and financial information, updated annually.

  • Ernst & Young tax calculators and rates
  • Administered by Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, this site contains tax calculators to estimate personal tax bills and RRSP savings as well as tax rate tables for individuals and corporations.

  • KPMG Tax Facts 2014-15
    This annual guide will give you quick answers to many practical questions that arise during the tax and financial planning process.

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers tax facts and figures
    This annually updated book, published by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Canada*, contains both individual and corporate tax information for each provincial or territorial jurisdiction.

    *Note: Linking to the PwC Canada Web site does not imply any endorsement by PwC of the services or products being offered by CPA Canada.
Tax News and Updates
The latest tax news and important updates affecting Canadian taxpayers.
  • CPA Canada: Taxation Resources
    Get up to date with the latest CPA Canada tax announcements involving the profession’s public efforts, the tax courses it is offering, and perspective on developments in the tax field.

  • Canadian Law Blogs List
    This open directory contains links to several tax lawyers who are currently writing blogs about tax-related developments in Canada.

  • CPA Tax Magazine
    For the latest in U.S. related tax news, this magazine relays various articles of importance to practitioners.

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