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Practice management and development techniques to build a successful public practice, effectively manage day-to-day operations, and protect the business from professional liability issues. Also of interest to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.


Learning Products

10 Steps to Supercharging Your Practice, Part 2 — On Demand
There are seven things that all business owners want from their accountants. In this second webcast of this two part series, advisor Craig Devlin will review each of the seven things clients are wishing you would provide. He will also show you how to reduce the time taken to do routine tasks, implement time saving measures, market effectively to clients, and improve your profits.
10 Steps to Supercharging Your Practice, Part 1 — On Demand
The accountant is the last trusted advisor to business owners, but that position is being eroded by fee pressure, competition from new sources, demanding clients, and increasing regulations. In this first webcast of a two-part series, discover how to work with quality clients, improve your revenue, reduce your debtors, reduce your work in progress, and improve your profits.
Building a Successful Business Case — On Demand
Learn how to create a business case to facilitate approval and implementation of your idea. Discover the key elements of a business case including: clarity on purpose, strong financials, clear communication, and successful implementation. After completing this webcast, participants will be equipped with practical checklists and tips to ensure successful business case completion.
Quick Annual Reporting: Speeding Up Your Process — On Demand
Gain the insight on how to obtain audit clearance within 15 working days or less by tackling your year-end bottlenecks. Learn to get organised, and control the last mile so you can minimize year-end stress and resource requirement, as well as speeding up your annual reporting process.
Rolling Forecasts, Part 2: Implementation — On Demand
A rolling forecast allows financial professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions by providing management with a range of possibilities that are dependent on market conditions, operational decisions, the actions of competitors, and potential risk events. Using case studies, this webcast will guide you through the development and proper implementation of a rolling forecast.