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Practice Management

Practice management and development techniques to build a successful public practice, effectively manage day-to-day operations, and protect the business from professional liability issues. Also of interest to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.


Learning Products

Quick Annual Reporting: Speeding Up Your Process — Live August 13, 2015
Join David Parmenter as he provides insight on how to obtain audit clearance within 15 working days or less by tackling your year-end bottlenecks. David will show you how to get organised, and control the last mile so you can minimize year-end stress and resource requirement, as well as speeding up your annual reporting process.
Tax Consequences of Immediate Business Succession — 2014
Business succession simply refers to passing the ownership of a business from one set of hands to another. This course deals with the short-term, that is, the immediate or near-immediate sale of the business (assets) or the business interest (shares in a corporation) where the disposal occurs in a single transaction or a group of transactions.
Tax Planning for Business Succession — 2014
Business succession refers to passing the ownership of a business from one set of hands to another. Whatever factors are in play, succession can be a short-term solution, often as a reaction to a business or personal situation, or a product of long-term business and tax planning. This course deals specifically with long-term planning for business succession, and the styles and structures that can be put into place in order to provide an effective transfer of the business interest.
Building a Successful Business Case — On Demand
Learn how to create a business case to facilitate approval and implementation of your idea. Discover the key elements of a business case including: clarity on purpose, strong financials, clear communication, and successful implementation. After completing this webcast, participants will be equipped with practical checklists and tips to ensure successful business case completion.
Linking Employee Performance, Compensation and Accounting Firm Performance
To get the most out of well paid employees, firms need to be on the ball right from the start; this means they need to link job descriptions for people coming into a position with firm performance-related goals, and to base their compensation on achieving those goals, stresses author Mitchell Langbert in this online article by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.