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Corporate Governance and Risk Management Best Practices — On Demand
Managing risk and having good corporate governance practices in your business is key to ongoing success and public trust. Officers in organizations have a duty to their stakeholders to ensure that the organization is under good governance. Join corporate governance expert Richard Leblanc and learn how to spot the red flags, identify best practices and keys for governance, risk management, good internal control practices, assurance, reporting, and oversight in the firm.
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Your competitive advantage starts here! No matter what sector of business you’ve chosen as your focus, CGA-BC’s Professional Development seminars can help you take your career and your organization to new heights.
Basel Institute on Governance
This link is to the website for the Basel Institute on Governance. It is an independent non-profit institution devoted to interdisciplinary research and policy advice in the areas of public, corporate and global governance, as well as international judicial cooperation and asset recovery. The site contains links to various news stories about international ...
CEO and CFO Certification
Beginning in 2004, CEOs and CFOs of Canadian public companies are required to certify that the financial statements, together with other financial information included in their company’s filings "fairly present" in all material respects the financial condition, results of operations and cash flows of the issuer ...